Here Comes Everyman reflecting on Irish literature and culture

I will be writing about my life in texts, and on Irish literature and culture, contemporary continental philosophy, and many more.

Samuel Beckett Bridge

Aistriú – Galway 2020

In Irish, the word Aistriú means translation, migration, transformation. Launched and curated by NIU Galway, the project was a major cultural initiative in expanding meanings and cultural boundaries by adhering to the very meaning of the word Aistriú, allowing for meanings to be transformed into cultural artifacts.

I helped the committee by translating a few poems form Irish/English into Persian. Read them here.

Translating John Banville – EFACIS 2018

The project celebrates John Banville as one of Ireland’s most prominent authors, poets and literary figures at his 70th birthday.

I helped the committee by translating a passage from John’s “Fiction and Dream”, an amazing piece that combines psychoanalysis, philosophy, and literature; read it here.

IASIL Regional Biblio. Rep

I have represented Iran at IASIL as regional bibliography representative since 2011.